Moving On Up

To the east side, to that deluxe server rack in a building somewhere.  I am very pleased to announce that michaelkirschner.wordpress.com has now been moved to michaelkirschner.org apparently some German guy had michaelkirschner.com and michaelkirschner.net and he only used it to post his email and phone number.  I am very happy to finally have a site with my own domain and my own custom theme.  This is something that I had planned since before I even started this free wordpress site and I am very proud to have finally reached this point.  This will not be the last big change to the site, I have lots more major things planned in the evolution of the site, but you must go to michaelkirschner.org to see them.  A very big thank you goes to Rob of Zepix Design and Media Junkyard for creating the custom theme.  If you do not already subscribe to the Media Junkyard podcast you really should, I have been listening for about a year now and I always look forward to adding a new episode to my iPod.  This will be my last post all future posts can be found on michaelkirschner.org

Open Letter To President Obama (via Hamilton’s Habitat)

This post was featured on the wordpress homepage and needs to be read. This is a call to action addressed to President Obama to use this as a wake up call to finally fix our country’s dangerous oil addiction before it destroys us. A must read.

Open Letter To President Obama Dear Mr. President, I watched you this morning on tv strolling the beaches of the Gulf, wiping away a trickle of sweat…hot down there isn't it? I mean, seriously…it gets really blazing hot down there. The Gulf  also has the world's most beautiful beaches, in my humble opinion, though I admit to being a bit biased in this area. … Read More

via Hamilton's Habitat

Will You See Toy Story 3 In 3D

Toy Story 3 premieres in theaters on Friday, May 18th and I want to know how everyone will plan on seeing Toy Story 3.

My Inappropriate Idea For America Speaking Out

America Speaking Out

America Speaking Out

The GOP recently created a website called “America Speaking Out“. Taking some inspiration from President Barack Obama’s grassroots campaign between 2006 and 2008 that used the internet to communicate with everyday Americans. The GOP feels that Congress does not work and is not listening to the American people so they created the website America Speaking Out so that Americans can speak out and be heard, the site also features the ability to thumbs up or thumbs down every idea submitted. I feel that the idea is awesome, finally everyone is able to get their ideas out so that the world, and hopefully Congress can see them, the idea is very democratic.

I decided to create an account on America Speaking Out and made a comment on military spending. I felt that my idea on military spending was valid so I submitted the idea. I was amazed that my idea was not allowed to go through, for unexplained reasons my idea was deemed inappropriate by the website. Take a look and see how inappropriate it looks to you.

We should decrease the military budget by at least 10 Billion dollars. The US is not only the top military spender in the world, but it is so far away from the second military spender, the US spends more money on its military than the next 13 combined. We also need to pull all troops out of the Middle East, not just Iraq and Afghanistan but close all military bases in any Middle Eastern country including closing all ties with Israel until they can prove that they actually are working towards peace. We also need to close basses in Germany and Japan, they are no longer our enemies so there is no need to continue operations there. We can use the money that we save from drastically reducing the military budget by putting it towards health care, spend on lives not deaths.

If America Speaking Out is really a website with the idea of democracy they should allow all ideas to get through, save for advertisements for spam of course.

Lost Marathon All 6 Seasons May 18th-23rd

UPDATE: The stream has just been announced, it will go live between 10:15 EST and 10:30 EST tonight Tuesday May, 18th.   http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-lost-marathon

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a Lost fan named Peter Wilson from Montreal, Canada who is planning the seemingly impossible task of watching all six seasons of lost all in one sitting, he’s even planning on making it a little bit longer by watching the mobisodes between seasons 4 and 5! The marathon will be for charity, similar to the 25 hour and more recently 30 hour podcasts for Autism Speaks. The charity that Peter Wilson has picked is called Child’s play, and to prove that he is watching lost he will be streaming it on Ustream. Peter has set up a website for the event at lostmarathon.blogspot.com you can find all important information there including a link to make a donation. You can also follow the event on twitter at twitter.com/lostmarathon.  The marathon starts on Tuesday May, 18th and continues throughout the week until the finale airs on Sunday May, 23rd. I encourage everyone who attended the Jay and Jack marathon to come by and check out Peter’s marathon at lostmarathon.blogspot.com and to make a donation, even a small donation will do, it is a very worthy cause. See you there next Tuesday.

The Greatest Fanmade Promo Ever

Approved by Damon Lindelof http://twitter.com/DamonLindelof/status/14063727078 This video was created by a fan of the show and pretty much sums up the emotions of every fan of Lost that has been waiting 6 years for this moment it is all coming to a close now.

Weird search terms

This seems like an idea to turn into a weekly segment, although I’m not sure if I will have material week after week so let’s just see how things go.

WordPress has a feature where it will tell you what search terms people are using to find your website, some search terms make sense, but others are a bit odd, take a look:

Weird search times

Weird search times

Congratulations Ralph aka Casinoskunk!

Thanks to a mention on Jorge Garcia’s podcast Geronimo Jack’s Beard Casinoskunk.com received over 1,000 hits on Monday May 10th, 2010 and now today I checked my WordPress dashboard and not only is Casinoskunk.com listed as one of WordPress’s fastest growing sites but it is as of the time of this writing in the top number one position.  Congratulations Ralph may everyone see your sh@#y DVD cover of the week!



Fake Products: Ben & Jerry’s Gulf of Chocolate Spill

Editors Note: The following is a fake product entirely created (poorly) by myself in Photoshop (he can’t afford Photoshop he did it in MS Paint)

Introducing Ben & Jerry’s Gulf of Chocolate Spill

Gulf Of Chocolate Spill

Gulf Of Chocolate Spill

Chocolate Ice cream swirls in vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and chocolate fish and chocolate sea turtles.

As of the writing of this post I have heard no word come out of Ben & Jerry’s regarding the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, although if they did release a limited batch of a similar flavored ice cream where proceeds of every purchase within say the first 3 months goes to fund clean up efforts in the Atlantic, that would be awesome.