Congratulations Ralph aka Casinoskunk!

Thanks to a mention on Jorge Garcia’s podcast Geronimo Jack’s Beard received over 1,000 hits on Monday May 10th, 2010 and now today I checked my WordPress dashboard and not only is listed as one of WordPress’s fastest growing sites but it is as of the time of this writing in the top number one position.  Congratulations Ralph may everyone see your sh@#y DVD cover of the week!


Check out

I just wanted to remind my readers to check out, I regularly post on that site and the majority of my readers find me there. YuBlog is a site that gets post from a small close knit community of about 10 writers at the most, which I like because it makes me feel like I own one tenth of the site, although if YuBlog suddenly exploded tomorrow I would feel proud that the site has hit big. Although the site does at the moment have a small group of writers YuBlog‘s readers are anything but insubstantial, even the famous actor, Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on ABC’s hit show Lost has been known to read the site. If you like my website, and there is a lot more exciting things to come soon, then you need to check out

YuBlog Globe

The famous YuBlog World

maybe even try submitting some content too.

How many people have their own websites?

I was thinking today that with all the advancements of the internet more and more people are now able to make their own websites. I remember the first time I created my first website way back in 2002, things have certainly changed since then, back in 2002 if you had your own website you would be considered very technologically savvy, now almost eight years later every one has at least some kind of version of a website. Broadband internet is becoming more and more available to more and more internet users, and websites like WordPress, Blogspot, and YuBlog bring internet publishing to the masses. I do not consider a twitter or a youtube account to be a website but I do consider it to be close enough and if more and more people are signing up with these services with ease then I as an internet publisher am really proud of that. I believe that everyone should have a website, granted those with websites will no longer be as prestigious as they were back when I started in 2002, but if people are able to share ideas in a democratic society, then I am alright with that. So I put out this question to my readers, do you have some variation of a website, and if so what is it? Also if you do not have a website do you plan on ever creating one?

Further reading

I urge my readers to check out the websites I have listed on the sidebar, some of them are my friend’s sites some are from people I know in an online sense and others I have been to their sites and like what they do.  One particular site that stands up above all the rest is This site is run by Ralph Appel former host of the DharmaLars and current host of the LOSTiles podcast, and is the most respected geek culture expert in his small niche.