Live Blogging the Health Care Summit

As President Barack Obama is holding a bipartisan Health Care summit, which can be viewed on the Obama site and on C-SPAN, I will be live blogging on twitter, just go to or follow @yublogmichaelk

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so Republicans have brought absolutely NOTHING to the table and as an American the idea that everyone is against hcr is absurd #Healthcare

the american healthcare system is not the best in the world thats why we need to change it. any one who has experience with the canadian sy[tem will know that]

RT @consumersunion Dodd: “14,000 American lose #healthcare each day.” That is really good reason to not “start over.” #hcrsummit

domestic violence is a preexisting condition wow #hcr

not me I DONT want to start over from scratch NOT ME! #hcr mccain

John Mccain saying nothing in so many words

no don’t start over starting from scratch is NOT viable #hcr

@kmajohansson not one in sight I didn’t see anyone look at their hands either

real discussion not just talking points and stubborn arguments lets get things done #hcr

@brentmaximin its on c-span if you are near a tv #hcr
about 6 hours ago via web in reply to brentmaximin
#hcr is trending

RT whitehouse Bipartisan Health Reform meeting starts now – watch live: #hcr

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as soon as we fix health care #hcr can we get better educations, like free college?

White House ReTweet Stay tuned. Live updates will begin at 10am: #OFA #HCR

BarackObama About to begin the bipartisan meeting on health reform. Watch live at #HCRMeeting

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@sethdmichaels i want true healthcare reform it would not be suicide for my vote

@NewRepublican intelligent to bring up it will be incorporated

@NewRepublican and tax cuts are not an idea then it will show that repubs have nothing, and if under the rare event the repubs have somethin[g]

@NewRepublican what they are going to do is republicans are going to present their ideas after it is revealed that repubs have no ideas

RT whitehouse Bipartisan Health Reform Meeting: Watch it all live with context: We’ll be using #hcr

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@rjoseph7777 are you going to watch the live health care bipartisan meeting at 10? Use #hcr when discussing it

everyone lets get #hcr to be a trending topic

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@rjoseph7777 I don’t think the teabagers are rational thinking people if they were they would have a different name

Hey Republicans! Stop complaining this is exactly what you want Inviting you to watch the bipartisan health insurance reform meeting tomorr

RT BarackObama Inviting you to watch the bipartisan health insurance reform meeting tomorrow at 10 AM ET:

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