Goodby CoCo

On Friday, January 22nd, Conan O’Brien said good bye to the Tonight Show after only a 7 month run. He also to NBC, the network that he called home for 17 years. Conan made it clear that although he and the network had their differences for the past two weeks, that NBC had been his home for the past 17 years where he worked on Late Night since 1993 and Saturday Night Live before that. The final episode was filled with emotion. Although we will all miss Conan on The Tonight Show, it would be very unlikely that we have seen the last of him. There have been rumors that Fox or Revision3 would pick up Conan, and although Conan has yet to confirm any deal yet, the message “To Be Continued” in the opening monologue was enough to say that Conan is not going anywhere.

What are your feelings over the whole late night debacle?