Companies that suck: Netflix & Warner Bros.

You can find more about this terrible decision by following the link below.
The short of this situation is that Warner Brothers wants people to purchase their movies instead of renting them through services such as Netflix so they will now be delaying their rental availability through Netflix by 28 days.
This is not about this isolated incident. There is a much larger problem occuring today and that is a series of abuses toward the backbone of the movie industry, the customers. All American school children are taught that the reason why Capitalism and the Free Market is superior to Communism is that in Capitalism the consumer votes with their dollar; if the company sucks (to use my term) they will instead “Vote” for another company. Unfortunately if every company has a total disregard for their consumers, then the consumer can’t exactly decide to live without the product. This situation is what consumers are facing when dealing with the music and movie industries. Consumers are faced with no legal options to vote against these greedy companies. They can either pursue the legal option and get shafted by the media industry or they can pursue the illegal option by bittorenting and go to jail (there’s a joke in their somewhere). Consumers must demand that companies return to the ideals of a free market and to accept the idea that they cannot live without their consumers. If companies do not change their ideas then consumers will change them for them.


Common Sense Media should use some common sense

I want to start out this by saying right away that I do not want Netflix to be involved in this issue, though I have discovered this issue through Netflix I do not hold them responsible for what their rating partner writes, I hold Common Sense Media responsible for everything.  OK now I will explain what happened, so I was taking a look at the rating description for the Comedy, The 40 Year Old Virgin and here is one line that Common Sense Media, (a movie rating service for informing parents on the contents of films) had to say about the film under the sexual content section that really stood out to me, “Relentless and slangy discussion of sex, some comedic activity, including the appearance of a “trannie prostitute.” Non-sexual nudity and same-sex kiss.”  It seems as if Common Sense Media makes some kind of distinction between a kiss between a man and a woman, as seen in most family films and same-sex kisses which for some reason Common Sense Media considers to be inappropriate for children.  I really thought we as a society in the year 2009 was past this kind of backwards thought, I guess I was a little too optimistic.  When asked how they dealt with gay or lesbian content when giving parents guidance on which games and movies are appropriate for their children Common Sense Media stated, “Our philosophy is that all parents are different. We’re here to make you a better parent,” Marisa Connolly, Communications Manager of Common Sense Media told Ars. “We want to provide as much information as we can, just literally saying here is the content. Here is what goes on in the movie, how much, how explicit it is. Here’s how much drinking, those sorts of things.”  Connolly’s defense really doesn’t really hold up that well when you consider the need for actual human decency, if a movie portrayed an interracial marriage it would be quite inappropriate to include in the ratings description under sexual content “portrayal of interracial marriage” because our society has accepted the idea that race doesn’t affect what type of person you are, so an interracial marriage is a non-issue.  A kiss between two people of the same sex who love each other should not be considered inappropriate for young children, what is inappropriate for young children, however is teaching them to hate.

Why Microsoft sucks, and the Zune may or may not

Over the past few months I have been hearing wonderful reviews for Microsoft’s latest Zune, the Zune HD sources such as, Leo Laporte, and Engadget HD state that it is the best Zune yet and it is finally better than the iPod, which other versions of the Zune were not. Since I and several others trust sources such as Leo Laporte and Engadget HD, I decided I would ditch my iPod for a Zune HD, boy did I make a mistake. As of the writing of this article I have not even gotten a chance to interface with the Zune hardware, for all I know the Zune still holds up to my expectations, however before I could use the Zune I needed to install the Zune software, and that’s where the trouble started. After hours upon hours of jumping through hoops of error messages and downloading components which the Zune software says I don’t have even though I do (Windows Installer 3.1) I discovered that the Zune is not compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002, excuse my language but to quote Chris in Boston, “WTF.” The whole reason why way back in 2002 I purchased Media Center for a more expensive price than XP home or even XP Pro was because Media Center was supposed to be more advanced, and as the name implies designed for media. Zune software only works with Media Center Version 2005 or higher or XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Sorry Microsoft but you need to stop lying to your customers. Apple why haven’t you addressed this in your ads? I am going to exchange my day old Zune HD for an iPod Touch.