Lost Marathon All 6 Seasons May 18th-23rd

UPDATE: The stream has just been announced, it will go live between 10:15 EST and 10:30 EST tonight Tuesday May, 18th.   http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-lost-marathon

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a Lost fan named Peter Wilson from Montreal, Canada who is planning the seemingly impossible task of watching all six seasons of lost all in one sitting, he’s even planning on making it a little bit longer by watching the mobisodes between seasons 4 and 5! The marathon will be for charity, similar to the 25 hour and more recently 30 hour podcasts for Autism Speaks. The charity that Peter Wilson has picked is called Child’s play, and to prove that he is watching lost he will be streaming it on Ustream. Peter has set up a website for the event at lostmarathon.blogspot.com you can find all important information there including a link to make a donation. You can also follow the event on twitter at twitter.com/lostmarathon.  The marathon starts on Tuesday May, 18th and continues throughout the week until the finale airs on Sunday May, 23rd. I encourage everyone who attended the Jay and Jack marathon to come by and check out Peter’s marathon at lostmarathon.blogspot.com and to make a donation, even a small donation will do, it is a very worthy cause. See you there next Tuesday.