My Inappropriate Idea For America Speaking Out

America Speaking Out

America Speaking Out

The GOP recently created a website called “America Speaking Out“. Taking some inspiration from President Barack Obama’s grassroots campaign between 2006 and 2008 that used the internet to communicate with everyday Americans. The GOP feels that Congress does not work and is not listening to the American people so they created the website America Speaking Out so that Americans can speak out and be heard, the site also features the ability to thumbs up or thumbs down every idea submitted. I feel that the idea is awesome, finally everyone is able to get their ideas out so that the world, and hopefully Congress can see them, the idea is very democratic.

I decided to create an account on America Speaking Out and made a comment on military spending. I felt that my idea on military spending was valid so I submitted the idea. I was amazed that my idea was not allowed to go through, for unexplained reasons my idea was deemed inappropriate by the website. Take a look and see how inappropriate it looks to you.

We should decrease the military budget by at least 10 Billion dollars. The US is not only the top military spender in the world, but it is so far away from the second military spender, the US spends more money on its military than the next 13 combined. We also need to pull all troops out of the Middle East, not just Iraq and Afghanistan but close all military bases in any Middle Eastern country including closing all ties with Israel until they can prove that they actually are working towards peace. We also need to close basses in Germany and Japan, they are no longer our enemies so there is no need to continue operations there. We can use the money that we save from drastically reducing the military budget by putting it towards health care, spend on lives not deaths.

If America Speaking Out is really a website with the idea of democracy they should allow all ideas to get through, save for advertisements for spam of course.


A Grave Warning:Those Who Inspire Violence Should Be Held Accountable

UPDATE: I would like to thank Scott Brown for condemning the actions of right wing extremists, although he is still in opposition at least he is in civil opposition. When asked by a reporter for the site Brown said, “Any type of intimidation is completely unacceptable…That’s what makes America so good is that we can go to the ballot box. And that’s what I’d encourage people to do to vent their anger in a positive way, instead of doing things that are bad form.”  Thank you Scott Brown let’s just hope that you make the same statement in a more public form, like on television perhaps.

UPDATE UPDATE: John “Hell No” Boehner has joined Brown in condemning the actions of violence.  Very good news, perhaps rationality may have hope of returning to the political spectrum.

Over the past two years after America’s first African-American president Barack Obama was elected there has been a growing number of racially charged threats against his life.  For the most part the threats really were no threat at all, they were just from stupid people, and probably the amount would not be much higher than that of a typical white president, although a threat is always serious and must be dealt with immediately, no one would take it seriously as a true threat.  More recently, however, the amount of hatred from fringe hate groups has exploded to unacceptable amounts.  A simple google search and this, will show an unprecedented amount of hatred festering within the country.

Tea Party from

Tea Party from

The scariest part of this however is not who is making the threats, but rather who is inspiring this hatred, I am talking about high-ranking members of the Republican party and political television pundits.  For the past few months there has been large amounts of misinformation and lies about health care reform, and gun control as well as other issues aimed against the Democratic party, Sarah Palin is one of these Republicans spewing lies, and misinformation that incites and invigorates hate groups.  After the threats of violence and assassination threats continued one would think that the Republicans would be covering their behinds and immediately hold a press conference to condemn the actions of a few to disassociate themselves with fringe hate groups so they can be electable, and save face, the opposite has happened, even Republicans such as Sarah Palin have given speeches in front of rallies of hate groups that have issued threats of violence against elected government officials.  The reason why Republicans are not condemning the actions of hate groups (who may be renamed violent extremists of nothing is done to stop this) is because this is now what gets votes.  The scariest thing is that in the Republicans’ quest to regain control of the government, they have lost their responsibility for what they say.  I fear that if something is not done to demand that those who deliberately spew misinformation, be held responsible for their actions before the unthinkable happens.

Racist threw a brick threw a window following passage of Health Care Reform

Racially Charged Broken Window from

Today Sarah Palin’s inciting of violence can no longer be disputed, The Huffington Post broke the story that “Palin’s Facebook page now carries a map featuring 20 gun sights, one for each of the Democrats targeted this year by her political action committee SarahPAC. Three of the gun sights, those where incumbent Democrats have already announced their retirement, are colored red.”

I want to make it perfectly clear to those that question my bias, I do not pretend to think that the Republicans are the first American politicians to spread a little bit of misinformation, and lies to get their voters excited, but they are certainly the first to use hatred as a way to gain support rather than see these groups as something that may destroy the reputation of their party.

I call my readers to take action, yes simply reading the blogs of a like minded individual is not enough, we all need to get out and demand change.  We need to demand that politicians, and people of public positions take responsibility for what they say, we also need to demand that a little bit of humanity and tolerance be brought back into the political dialogue, we have entered a dark world when playing to the minds of angry racists, who just may have access to a high powered firearm is good politics.  Go out and demand this before it is too late!

Live Blogging the Health Care Summit

As President Barack Obama is holding a bipartisan Health Care summit, which can be viewed on the Obama site and on C-SPAN, I will be live blogging on twitter, just go to or follow @yublogmichaelk

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so Republicans have brought absolutely NOTHING to the table and as an American the idea that everyone is against hcr is absurd #Healthcare

the american healthcare system is not the best in the world thats why we need to change it. any one who has experience with the canadian sy[tem will know that]

RT @consumersunion Dodd: “14,000 American lose #healthcare each day.” That is really good reason to not “start over.” #hcrsummit

domestic violence is a preexisting condition wow #hcr

not me I DONT want to start over from scratch NOT ME! #hcr mccain

John Mccain saying nothing in so many words

no don’t start over starting from scratch is NOT viable #hcr

@kmajohansson not one in sight I didn’t see anyone look at their hands either

real discussion not just talking points and stubborn arguments lets get things done #hcr

@brentmaximin its on c-span if you are near a tv #hcr
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as soon as we fix health care #hcr can we get better educations, like free college?

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@sethdmichaels i want true healthcare reform it would not be suicide for my vote

@NewRepublican intelligent to bring up it will be incorporated

@NewRepublican and tax cuts are not an idea then it will show that repubs have nothing, and if under the rare event the repubs have somethin[g]

@NewRepublican what they are going to do is republicans are going to present their ideas after it is revealed that repubs have no ideas

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@rjoseph7777 I don’t think the teabagers are rational thinking people if they were they would have a different name

Hey Republicans! Stop complaining this is exactly what you want Inviting you to watch the bipartisan health insurance reform meeting tomorr

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Thoughts on the wars

Congratulations America Health Care Reform is almost here

I am really excited about this, the Health Care bill narrowly passed in the House by just 5 votes 220 -215.  Now its off to the Senate, fingers crossed.  We are so close to a goal that we have been trying to attain since the Truman administration, for the first time since the election over a year ago, I am very optimistic about the way things are going now.

Aliens Or Obama?

Hi Vs I know you promised us Universal Health Care but Obama also promised that and he isn’t planning on stealing our water or eating us so I think I am going to go with his plan instead, nothing against you guys but I just dont want to become food

Health Care Video Contest had a video contest where they were looking for the best video demanding change to our healthcare system, now they are asking everyone to vote for their 20 favorites.  Here is my favorite I think it is very informative

If you want to vote for your favorite you can do so at

Does Obama Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize?

Short answer: no, long answer: yes.  Barack Obama’s presidency marks the beginning of a shift in attitude, as evidenced with recent negotians with Russia foreign policy is no longer treating foreign nations as inferior than the United States.  I have high hopes that peace and diplomacy can return, and maybe someday countries will stop hating the United States for bullying the world.  That being said I believe it is a bit pre mature to award a peace prize when we are fighting not one but two wars.