A Grave Warning:Those Who Inspire Violence Should Be Held Accountable

UPDATE: I would like to thank Scott Brown for condemning the actions of right wing extremists, although he is still in opposition at least he is in civil opposition. When asked by a reporter for the site whorunsgov.com Brown said, “Any type of intimidation is completely unacceptable…That’s what makes America so good is that we can go to the ballot box. And that’s what I’d encourage people to do to vent their anger in a positive way, instead of doing things that are bad form.”  Thank you Scott Brown let’s just hope that you make the same statement in a more public form, like on television perhaps.

UPDATE UPDATE: John “Hell No” Boehner has joined Brown in condemning the actions of violence.  Very good news, perhaps rationality may have hope of returning to the political spectrum.

Over the past two years after America’s first African-American president Barack Obama was elected there has been a growing number of racially charged threats against his life.  For the most part the threats really were no threat at all, they were just from stupid people, and probably the amount would not be much higher than that of a typical white president, although a threat is always serious and must be dealt with immediately, no one would take it seriously as a true threat.  More recently, however, the amount of hatred from fringe hate groups has exploded to unacceptable amounts.  A simple google search and this, will show an unprecedented amount of hatred festering within the country.

Tea Party from huffingtonpost.com

Tea Party from huffingtonpost.com

The scariest part of this however is not who is making the threats, but rather who is inspiring this hatred, I am talking about high-ranking members of the Republican party and political television pundits.  For the past few months there has been large amounts of misinformation and lies about health care reform, and gun control as well as other issues aimed against the Democratic party, Sarah Palin is one of these Republicans spewing lies, and misinformation that incites and invigorates hate groups.  After the threats of violence and assassination threats continued one would think that the Republicans would be covering their behinds and immediately hold a press conference to condemn the actions of a few to disassociate themselves with fringe hate groups so they can be electable, and save face, the opposite has happened, even Republicans such as Sarah Palin have given speeches in front of rallies of hate groups that have issued threats of violence against elected government officials.  The reason why Republicans are not condemning the actions of hate groups (who may be renamed violent extremists of nothing is done to stop this) is because this is now what gets votes.  The scariest thing is that in the Republicans’ quest to regain control of the government, they have lost their responsibility for what they say.  I fear that if something is not done to demand that those who deliberately spew misinformation, be held responsible for their actions before the unthinkable happens.

Racist threw a brick threw a window following passage of Health Care Reform

Racially Charged Broken Window from Huffingtonpost.com

Today Sarah Palin’s inciting of violence can no longer be disputed, The Huffington Post broke the story that “Palin’s Facebook page now carries a map featuring 20 gun sights, one for each of the Democrats targeted this year by her political action committee SarahPAC. Three of the gun sights, those where incumbent Democrats have already announced their retirement, are colored red.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/24/sarah-palins-pac-puts-gun_n_511433.html

I want to make it perfectly clear to those that question my bias, I do not pretend to think that the Republicans are the first American politicians to spread a little bit of misinformation, and lies to get their voters excited, but they are certainly the first to use hatred as a way to gain support rather than see these groups as something that may destroy the reputation of their party.

I call my readers to take action, yes simply reading the blogs of a like minded individual is not enough, we all need to get out and demand change.  We need to demand that politicians, and people of public positions take responsibility for what they say, we also need to demand that a little bit of humanity and tolerance be brought back into the political dialogue, we have entered a dark world when playing to the minds of angry racists, who just may have access to a high powered firearm is good politics.  Go out and demand this before it is too late!


Live Blogging the Health Care Summit

As President Barack Obama is holding a bipartisan Health Care summit, which can be viewed on the Obama site and on C-SPAN, I will be live blogging on twitter, just go to twitter.com/yublogmichaelk or follow @yublogmichaelk

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so Republicans have brought absolutely NOTHING to the table and as an American the idea that everyone is against hcr is absurd #Healthcare

the american healthcare system is not the best in the world thats why we need to change it. any one who has experience with the canadian sy[tem will know that]

RT @consumersunion Dodd: “14,000 American lose #healthcare each day.” That is really good reason to not “start over.” #hcrsummit

domestic violence is a preexisting condition wow #hcr

not me I DONT want to start over from scratch NOT ME! #hcr mccain

John Mccain saying nothing in so many words

no don’t start over starting from scratch is NOT viable #hcr

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real discussion not just talking points and stubborn arguments lets get things done #hcr

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@sethdmichaels i want true healthcare reform it would not be suicide for my vote

@NewRepublican intelligent to bring up it will be incorporated

@NewRepublican and tax cuts are not an idea then it will show that repubs have nothing, and if under the rare event the repubs have somethin[g]

@NewRepublican what they are going to do is republicans are going to present their ideas after it is revealed that repubs have no ideas

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@rjoseph7777 I don’t think the teabagers are rational thinking people if they were they would have a different name

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Common Sense Media should use some common sense

I want to start out this by saying right away that I do not want Netflix to be involved in this issue, though I have discovered this issue through Netflix I do not hold them responsible for what their rating partner writes, I hold Common Sense Media responsible for everything.  OK now I will explain what happened, so I was taking a look at the rating description for the Comedy, The 40 Year Old Virgin and here is one line that Common Sense Media, (a movie rating service for informing parents on the contents of films) had to say about the film under the sexual content section that really stood out to me, “Relentless and slangy discussion of sex, some comedic activity, including the appearance of a “trannie prostitute.” Non-sexual nudity and same-sex kiss.”  It seems as if Common Sense Media makes some kind of distinction between a kiss between a man and a woman, as seen in most family films and same-sex kisses which for some reason Common Sense Media considers to be inappropriate for children.  I really thought we as a society in the year 2009 was past this kind of backwards thought, I guess I was a little too optimistic.  When asked how they dealt with gay or lesbian content when giving parents guidance on which games and movies are appropriate for their children Common Sense Media stated, “Our philosophy is that all parents are different. We’re here to make you a better parent,” Marisa Connolly, Communications Manager of Common Sense Media told Ars. “We want to provide as much information as we can, just literally saying here is the content. Here is what goes on in the movie, how much, how explicit it is. Here’s how much drinking, those sorts of things.”  Connolly’s defense really doesn’t really hold up that well when you consider the need for actual human decency, if a movie portrayed an interracial marriage it would be quite inappropriate to include in the ratings description under sexual content “portrayal of interracial marriage” because our society has accepted the idea that race doesn’t affect what type of person you are, so an interracial marriage is a non-issue.  A kiss between two people of the same sex who love each other should not be considered inappropriate for young children, what is inappropriate for young children, however is teaching them to hate.

Lets talk about “That” Level

One of the levels of Modern Warfare 2 has recently caught some controversy especially in the wake of the recent terrorist attack in Ft. Hood Florida last week.  The game gives a warning and allows players to skip the level without penalty, however there is no cut scene or anything to explain what happened if you do skip the level.  In case you haven’t heard, the level in question puts you in the role of a C.I.A. operative infiltrating a terrorist cell, in order to prove your loyalty, you must participate in a terrorist attack on a crowed airport, which in the eyes of the mole is a price that must be paid inorder to get  intel from the cell and stop a much bigger terrorist attack and save more innocent lives than would be lost in the airport attack. I want everyone’s opinion on this issue, personally I feel that the attack is an important plot device and is essential as the entire game deals with the consequences of the airport attack.

Modern Warfare 2

I just bought Modern Warfare 2 when it came out last night on November 10th, 2009.  I did not want to wait until the weekend because I heard there would be a controversial scene in the game and I did not want to hear about it on the Today Show before I played it.   I just bought Modern Warfare 2 when it came out last night on November 10th, 2009.  I will post again with my full reaction to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Part 2 this weekend, until then I suggest you go out and get it initial thoughts are, “This game is awesome.”


Aliens Or Obama?

Hi Vs I know you promised us Universal Health Care but Obama also promised that and he isn’t planning on stealing our water or eating us so I think I am going to go with his plan instead, nothing against you guys but I just dont want to become food

Fox News or Faux News?

Recently the White House stirred up its latest batch of controversy when Last week, White House communications director Anita Dunn said Fox News operates “almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party.” On Sunday, Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, said, “It is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.”  In short Fox News is not a real news organization.  They are absolutely right, Fox News is not real news it is purely propaganda, the White House did leave one thing out however and that is that all television news, with the exception of C-SPAN, is biased and therefore not real news.  The standard that we define news by just keep getting lower by the day, every time you turn on the TV you see pundits on the left, pundits on the right, and the truth is lost in the immaturity and petty fighting that follows.  It is time to bring ethics into journalism and take opinions out.

Obama’s speech to children: Did not recite glorious communist anthem as expected

When I first heard about how their was controversy surrounding a speech that President Obama was to make and would be addressed to school children I was a bit confused.  I could not think of anything inherently wrong with the President of the United States talking to school children, surely other presidents have done this sort of thing in the past, as it turns out, two Republican presidents, Reagan, and H.W. Bush have made similar addresses to students.  So what could be so controversial about Obama’s speech that would cause some parents to remove their children from school for the day?  Did the president say that we should all look up to Russia and finish what they failed?  Did he prove the “birthers” right and say “fooled you I was born in Kenya”?  It wasn’t any of those, in fact the president never once even mentioned health care, and why would he, elementary school kids don’t care about their health care plans, what the President did say was far more evil than anyone could have anticipated… he stressed the importance of an education and about working hard to achieve your true potential, you don’t get much more bone chilling than that.  President Obama also went on to say that kids need to try hard and put in their efforts because nothing is going to just be handed to them, it has to be earned, which really sounds more like a Conservative way of thinking, that people need to work hard and pull themselves up by their bootstraps instead of getting hand outs.  So what was wrong with President Obama’s speech?  The answer is NOTHING!

A new LOST internet feature is coming out but will you participate?

The latest and perhaps last internet feature (not to be confused with Lost’s previous ARGs) for the show LOST will be starting on December 8th to coincide with the release of Season 5 on DVD and Blu-ray, but you would be surprised to know that some people may not be able to participate.    The upcoming internet feature is called Lost University, which will allow students to study several aspects of the show much the same as if LU were a real school.  If you are interested in enrolling and getting a student picture ID, you can do that now by going to lostuniversity.org.  Some of the classes that will be offered at LU include Introductory Physics of Time Travel, Jungle Survival Basics, a seminar on New Physics with Jeremy Davies, and an Art seminar with Jack Bender along with several other classes.  I am definitely excited and I can’t wait to start my first day at LU and be a Fightin’ Islish… I’m sorry for the lame joke I couldn’t resist.  Unfortunately while I and several other LOST fans will be able to participate in this awesome new internet feature, many people who cannot afford Blu-ray players will not be able to participate.  According to to school website Lost University will run as a Bd-Live feature utilizing the internet connectivity of the PS3 and other Blu-ray players to integrate the website into the Blu-ray versions of season 5.  Upon hearing the news many people were outraged that after going through free internet features in the past suddenly they will be left out because they don’t want to purchase a Blu-ray player.  I want to ask the readers now what do you guys think?  Is it wrong to force people to purchase a new expensive device and to alienate those who do not have this special device? Or, are you on the side that says that new technology should be embraced by the media, and if some people are left out in the cold because they need to purchase something new then so be it, if they had it there way season 5 would be coming out on VHS?  What do you think of this?  I’ll leave my opinions in the comments section.

Whats going on at Whole Foods?

This was originally posted by me on the site yublog.org

Oh boy, here is another political debate.  I would like to ask the readers what their opinions are on this issue.

So last week I was on Facebook and I noticed a group that was against the Whole Foodssupermarket and called for a boycott against it.  For the readers who do not have a Whole Foods in their area, Whole Foods is a super market with locations in the US, Canada, and UK.  Most of the food sold is healthy and organic; the company is recognized as being very environmentally conscious.  As a result of Whole Foods’ respect for the environment, the company receives a large amount of “liberally minded shoppers,” so you can imagine how shocked I was to learn that what has gotten everyone in such a fuss is the company’s CEO’s statements against Universal Healthcare in the United States.  The interview with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey can be found on the Wall Street Journal here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB20001424052970204251404574342170072865070.html.

I don’t want to take any of his words out of context and misinterpret them here – that’s for the news – I want everyone to go to the article and make up their own minds.  After I read the article, I made up my first mind that what Mackey did was stupid and since I support Obama’s health care plan that I should go out and join the boycott, but then I got to thinking and realized how hypocritical I was being.  I remember during the height the Bush administration, professors being fired from their jobs because they spoke out against the government.  So I ask the readers, have we become hypocritical that we will crucify the dissenting opinions of the opposition just as they did to us before?  In my opinion, I say we need to have an intelligent debate, that means no outrages claims on the right that their will be so called “death panels” and no hypocrisy on the left that calls for a boycott when someone uses their right of free speech.