A new LOST internet feature is coming out but will you participate?

The latest and perhaps last internet feature (not to be confused with Lost’s previous ARGs) for the show LOST will be starting on December 8th to coincide with the release of Season 5 on DVD and Blu-ray, but you would be surprised to know that some people may not be able to participate.    The upcoming internet feature is called Lost University, which will allow students to study several aspects of the show much the same as if LU were a real school.  If you are interested in enrolling and getting a student picture ID, you can do that now by going to lostuniversity.org.  Some of the classes that will be offered at LU include Introductory Physics of Time Travel, Jungle Survival Basics, a seminar on New Physics with Jeremy Davies, and an Art seminar with Jack Bender along with several other classes.  I am definitely excited and I can’t wait to start my first day at LU and be a Fightin’ Islish… I’m sorry for the lame joke I couldn’t resist.  Unfortunately while I and several other LOST fans will be able to participate in this awesome new internet feature, many people who cannot afford Blu-ray players will not be able to participate.  According to to school website Lost University will run as a Bd-Live feature utilizing the internet connectivity of the PS3 and other Blu-ray players to integrate the website into the Blu-ray versions of season 5.  Upon hearing the news many people were outraged that after going through free internet features in the past suddenly they will be left out because they don’t want to purchase a Blu-ray player.  I want to ask the readers now what do you guys think?  Is it wrong to force people to purchase a new expensive device and to alienate those who do not have this special device? Or, are you on the side that says that new technology should be embraced by the media, and if some people are left out in the cold because they need to purchase something new then so be it, if they had it there way season 5 would be coming out on VHS?  What do you think of this?  I’ll leave my opinions in the comments section.