Why Microsoft sucks, and the Zune may or may not

Over the past few months I have been hearing wonderful reviews for Microsoft’s latest Zune, the Zune HD sources such as, Leo Laporte, and Engadget HD state that it is the best Zune yet and it is finally better than the iPod, which other versions of the Zune were not. Since I and several others trust sources such as Leo Laporte and Engadget HD, I decided I would ditch my iPod for a Zune HD, boy did I make a mistake. As of the writing of this article I have not even gotten a chance to interface with the Zune hardware, for all I know the Zune still holds up to my expectations, however before I could use the Zune I needed to install the Zune software, and that’s where the trouble started. After hours upon hours of jumping through hoops of error messages and downloading components which the Zune software says I don’t have even though I do (Windows Installer 3.1) I discovered that the Zune is not compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002, excuse my language but to quote Chris in Boston, “WTF.” The whole reason why way back in 2002 I purchased Media Center for a more expensive price than XP home or even XP Pro was because Media Center was supposed to be more advanced, and as the name implies designed for media. Zune software only works with Media Center Version 2005 or higher or XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Sorry Microsoft but you need to stop lying to your customers. Apple why haven’t you addressed this in your ads? I am going to exchange my day old Zune HD for an iPod Touch.