Combating Lies With Truth The Truth About Reform

Health Care

Health Care

The following is from the and is part of an ongoing week long series of truth to combat the lies and misinformation that is being spread by those who seek to impede progress and keep the United States at its failed status quo.

The Truth About Reform

It’s time to show the insurance lobbyists that no smear campaign can match
the power of millions of regular citizens who are ready for change and
committed to the truth.
Congress must understand that if they pass reform, their constituents will
know the truth about what we’ve finally achieved.
• If you have health insurance through your employer and you like your plan, you can keep it
• If you’re a small business owner, you’ll receive new tax credits that make it easier for you to
provide coverage for employees if you choose to do so
• If you have Medicare, the President’s plan guarantees that your benefits will not be cut, and
the Medicare Trust Fund will be extended for more than 9 years
• If you’re uninsured, you could receive a tax credit to help pay for coverage if needed — part
of the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history
• Even if you currently have health insurance, there will be new protections from insurance
company abuses, and tax credits will make coverage more affordable
• You will never be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions
• You will never again be hit with arbitrary health insurance premium hikes
• Up to 17 million more people will be uninsured by 2019
• Insurers can continue their massive and arbitrary premium rate increases — such as Anthem
Blue Cross raising rates for customers in California by nearly 40%, and rates in Illinois going
up by as much as 60%
• As many as 275,000 people could die prematurely over the next 10 years because they don’t
have health insurance
• The average family’s health care costs will nearly double by 2020, from $13,000 to $24,000


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