Jay and Jack’s 30 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks

30 Hour Podcast scheduled to air on ustream.tv on March 20th at 12 PM Eastern Time

Photo from yublog.org

Team nudia.tv photo from yublog.org and taken by the famous Adam Mclearan

Every year for the past two years, the world famous internet celebrities Jay, Colleen, and Jack Glatfelter have held a telethon podcast for the charity organization “Autism Speaks”. For the past two years the podcast has been 25 hours long, this year it will be 30 yours long, that’s right it will last one and a quarter days. Jay, Jack, and Colleen are no insignificant names, they claim a fan base in the thousands that spans all around the globe, these fans are attracted by their several podcasts, on LOST,and other things geek oriented TV shows, as well as sports, and an explicit relationship podcast. In addition to podcasts the trio have also started some other internet ventures, including a video hosting site nudia.tv and a blogging site yublog.org. Jay, Jack, and Colleen’s fame is no hyperbole the three have met several famous people involved with the show lost and other shows, and I am not talking about shaking an actor’s hand at a convention, they have been able to set up interviews with several famous people in the movie and television industry, even football referee Ed Hochuli is a fan of their shows. The three are good friends with Lost star Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on the show and has appeared on the previous two 25 hour podcasts, and this year is no exception. The podcast is expected to run on Ustream.tv so there will be a live video feed. This is going to be a really big event and I expect all my readers to watch this event. The 30 hour podcast will start on March 20th at 12PM. Mor information to follow.


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2 Responses to Jay and Jack’s 30 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks

  1. Jen Parsons says:

    Good luck from all of us at Autism Speaks! We will be sure to post something on our Facebook page that day to encourage people to tune in!

  2. edith says:

    we are from ASP Iloilo Chapter, Iloilo City, Philippines.
    Good luck!

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