Companies that suck: Netflix & Warner Bros.

You can find more about this terrible decision by following the link below.
The short of this situation is that Warner Brothers wants people to purchase their movies instead of renting them through services such as Netflix so they will now be delaying their rental availability through Netflix by 28 days.
This is not about this isolated incident. There is a much larger problem occuring today and that is a series of abuses toward the backbone of the movie industry, the customers. All American school children are taught that the reason why Capitalism and the Free Market is superior to Communism is that in Capitalism the consumer votes with their dollar; if the company sucks (to use my term) they will instead “Vote” for another company. Unfortunately if every company has a total disregard for their consumers, then the consumer can’t exactly decide to live without the product. This situation is what consumers are facing when dealing with the music and movie industries. Consumers are faced with no legal options to vote against these greedy companies. They can either pursue the legal option and get shafted by the media industry or they can pursue the illegal option by bittorenting and go to jail (there’s a joke in their somewhere). Consumers must demand that companies return to the ideals of a free market and to accept the idea that they cannot live without their consumers. If companies do not change their ideas then consumers will change them for them.


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