Modern Warfare 2

WARNING!!! The following discussion could be seen by some as containing spoilers about a recently released game, use caution before continuing.

5 out of 5

Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t just pick of where Modern Combat left off it takes the game to a whole new dimension. Set five years after the fist game in the year 2016, players will find Warfare has truly become modernized, borders have disappeared, uniforms are relics, the battlefields is called the world, war is fought everywhere. Modern Warfare could in fact be seen as wake up call against war as players no longer fight in an unnamed, generic, Eastern European bloc, but instead are called to the front lines in suburbia. Yes you read this correctly, the Russians have invaded the United States and your job is to defend the suburbs. In one of the missions, called “Wolverines!”, a nod to the 1980s classic Russian invasion film Red Dawn players are tasked with defending a Burger King from the Russian army. Of course the suburban invasion is nothing compared to the burning of Washington you will say and play later in the game. While apocalyptic imagery is used throughout the game players are reminded by several soldiers that Washington has been rebuilt before and will be rebuilt again (the Canadian army invaded and burned down Washington in 1814) Modern Combat amps up the imagery and packs a huge emotional punch the way only a movie has done before, I give this game a perfect 5 out of 5


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