Lets talk about “That” Level

One of the levels of Modern Warfare 2 has recently caught some controversy especially in the wake of the recent terrorist attack in Ft. Hood Florida last week.  The game gives a warning and allows players to skip the level without penalty, however there is no cut scene or anything to explain what happened if you do skip the level.  In case you haven’t heard, the level in question puts you in the role of a C.I.A. operative infiltrating a terrorist cell, in order to prove your loyalty, you must participate in a terrorist attack on a crowed airport, which in the eyes of the mole is a price that must be paid inorder to get  intel from the cell and stop a much bigger terrorist attack and save more innocent lives than would be lost in the airport attack. I want everyone’s opinion on this issue, personally I feel that the attack is an important plot device and is essential as the entire game deals with the consequences of the airport attack.


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