Obama’s speech to children: Did not recite glorious communist anthem as expected

When I first heard about how their was controversy surrounding a speech that President Obama was to make and would be addressed to school children I was a bit confused.  I could not think of anything inherently wrong with the President of the United States talking to school children, surely other presidents have done this sort of thing in the past, as it turns out, two Republican presidents, Reagan, and H.W. Bush have made similar addresses to students.  So what could be so controversial about Obama’s speech that would cause some parents to remove their children from school for the day?  Did the president say that we should all look up to Russia and finish what they failed?  Did he prove the “birthers” right and say “fooled you I was born in Kenya”?  It wasn’t any of those, in fact the president never once even mentioned health care, and why would he, elementary school kids don’t care about their health care plans, what the President did say was far more evil than anyone could have anticipated… he stressed the importance of an education and about working hard to achieve your true potential, you don’t get much more bone chilling than that.  President Obama also went on to say that kids need to try hard and put in their efforts because nothing is going to just be handed to them, it has to be earned, which really sounds more like a Conservative way of thinking, that people need to work hard and pull themselves up by their bootstraps instead of getting hand outs.  So what was wrong with President Obama’s speech?  The answer is NOTHING!


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  1. becky souch says:

    mikeeee! i love you and your website/blog. will become a regular reader!<3

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